Saturday, December 20, 2008

Preview of 2009

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Eva Morris nee Nevin (1917-2008) granddaughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Nevin.
Taken in 1938 while boarding the Zealandia to Sydney from Hobart.
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The photographer and his fiancee ...

Thomas Nevin ca 1865

Self-portrait of Thomas Nevin ca. 1865 holding a stereoscope and wearing white gloves.Watermarked.
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Portrait of Elizabeth Rachel Day, married Thomas Nevin in 1871.
Carte-de-visite by Nevin & Smith ca. 1865.Watermarked.
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Their children and the next generation ...

Axup and Nevin daughters

From left to right:
Thomas & Elizabeth Nevin's daughter Minnie (Mary) Nevin,
Thomas Nevin's sister-in-law Mary Axup nee Day,
Mary Axup's daughter Eva Baldwin nee Axup,
and Thomas and Elizabeth's Nevin's daughter May Nevin.
Taken ca. 1938.
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Thomas Sonny Nevin

Thomas James "Sonny" Nevin, first born son (1874-1948) of Thomas and Elizabeth Nevin,
married Gertrude Tennyson Bates, of the Bates, Cetnar and Laughlin families, USA.
Taken in his Salvation Army uniform mid 1940s.
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