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Our Fourteenth Anniversary 2005-2019

Fourteen ears ago (even earlier, actually) we started blogging about nineteenth century Tasmanian photographer Thomas J. Nevin (1842-1923).  We look forward to another two years at least as the project draws closer to completion. Contributions and donations are most welcome, and many thanks for your involvement.

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Elizabeth Rachel Nevin nee Day (1847-1914)
Original by her husband Thomas J. Nevin ca. 1874
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Posts about Women in 19th century Tasmania 

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Prisoner William SAYER or SAWYER 1875

Thomas Nevin, Sam Clifford and the Flying Squadron at Hobart, January 1870

Joseph Somes, Captain Edward Goldsmith and the "Angelina" 1844-46

A distinguished forelock: Henry Dresser Atkinson on board the "City of Hobart" 1872

Captain Edward Goldsmith and wife Elizabeth's land deals in VDL

Bleak Expectations: Captain Goldsmith's will in Chancery 1871-1922

John Nevin snr and family 1851-1854: shipping documents

Captain Edward Goldsmith and the conundrums of the Ethiopian Serenaders 1851

The Will of Richard Goldsmith snr (1769-1839)

Treasures passed down from Captain Edward Goldsmith and Captain James Day

Portraits and landscapes from T. J. Nevin's cohort

Amy Bock's bid for marriage equality in 1909 in New Zealand

One session, two poses at the City Photographic Establishment

Marriage breakdown: Elizabeth Amos v Alfred Threlkeld Mayson 1879-1882

Tom Nevin and father-in-law bandmaster Walter Tennyson Bates

Captain Goldsmith & death at sea of Antarctic circumnavigator Captain John Biscoe 1843

The desecration of Minnie Carr's grave 1898

Woman with pink ribbons by Thomas Nevin 1870s

Captain Edward Goldsmith, the diarist Annie Baxter and a burial at sea 1848

Captain & Mrs Elizabeth Goldsmith: Rattler's maiden voyage 1846

Captain Goldsmith, the Parrock Hall and playwright David Burn, Sydney 1844

Captain Edward Goldsmith's grave at Chalk Church, Kent UK

Thomas Nevin and Frederick Stops, right-hand man to the A-G

With Jean Porthouse GRAVES 1870s West Hobart

Elizabeth Bayley at Runnymede, New Town 1874-1875

Elwick House and Elwick Bay

Calling the shots in colour 1864-1879

Portraits of older women by Thomas Nevin 1870s

Nevin's women clients and their dresses 1870s

The firm of Nevin & Smith stamps and label 1867-1868

The concertina player 1860s

Thomas Nevin, informant for surveyor John Hurst 1868

A few drinks on Christmas Eve 1885 at New Town

Thomas J. Nevin at the New Town studio to 1888

Captain Goldsmith dines with the Franklins at Govt House

Prisoner Henry SINGLETON aka Harry the Tinker who pinches books

Miss Nevin and Morton Allport

Carnal knowledge of children: convictions 1860s-1880s

"Lines on the much lamented death of Rebecca Jane Nevin" by John Nevin 1866

Cousins Edward and Elizabeth baptised at St Mary's Rotherhithe

Captain Edward Goldsmith and the wreck of the James 1830

One of the last portraits by Alfred Bock in Hobart 1865

Mary Sophia Axup chair of the WPL 1913

Captain Edward Goldsmith and the McGregor family

John Nevin snr and the Genge family

Thomas Nevin's stereos of sister Mary Ann at New Town rivulet

A highly coloured portrait

The Photographer's wife at the studio

Husbands and Wives NPG Exhibition 2010

The Nevin farm burglariously entered 1881

John Nevin: "My Cottage in the Wilderness" 1868

The early deaths of Thomas Nevin's sisters Rebecca and Mary

The firm of Nevin & Smith

Oral history: Nevin family at Kangaroo Valley

Thomas Nevin's portraits of his wife Elizabeth Rachel

Prisoner Henry SINGLETON aka Richard PINCHES

The Nevin group portrait and wedding photo 1871

The Medical Officer's report of the Fairlie passengers 1852

Site Map No.1: Nevin Family

Nevins on sick list during voyage out on the Fairlie 1852

Prisoner poses: women, children and ticket-of-leave men

Thomas Nevin and Robert Smith 1865-1868

Elizabeth Nevin's souvenir cruet of the Model Prison

Sonny Nevin's American journey with the Bates family

First- born child May Nevin and her China trade soapstone vase

Nevin & Smith tinted vignette of Elizabeth Rachel Day 1868

Elizabeth Rachel Nevin nee Day & children

Key dates in Thomas Nevin's life

Kangaroo Valley house and school stereographs ca.1868

Rocking Stone Parties on Mount Wellington

G.T. Stilwell's letter to Mrs Shelverton 1977

Mary Ann Nevin, sister of Thomas Nevin

John Nevin's marriages to Mary Ann Dickson and Martha Genge

An early carte of Elizabeth Rachel Day

Thomas and Elizabeth Nevin's Wedding Photographs 1871

Nevin & Smith studio Elizabeth St. 1867-1868

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