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Site Map No.1: Nevin Family

Thomas Nevin's portrait of his sister Mary Anne Nevin ca 1872

Thomas Nevin's portraits of his parents Mary (nee Dickson) and John Nevin ca 1872

Portraits by Thomas Nevin of his brother Jack (William John) ca 1880
From the © KLW NFC Imprint Private Collection

Thomas Nevin was known by a number of variations of his name, and several of these are now used in public catalogues and holdings. His signature on official documents and name on his studio stamps include: Thomas Nevin, Thomas Nevin Senior, Thomas J. Nevin, Thos Nevin, T. Nevin, T. Nevin late A. Bock, T. J. Nevin, Nevin & Smith, and Clifford & Nevin.

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Thomas Nevin’s Own Family Portraits

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Site Map No. 1: Nevin Family
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Thomas Nevin's portraits of self, wife, brother and sister 1860s-1880

"Tea and sugar Tommy" Chapman