Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Preview: The Liam Peters Collection

TRADEMARKS and STAMPS, T. J. Nevin (1842-1923)

Seven (7) previously unpublished photographs by Thomas J. Nevin or pertaining to Thomas J. Nevin's photography from the late 1860s to the mid 1870s were scanned and submitted to this weblog by private collector Liam Peters in December 2010. The brief descriptions below of each item will be expanded eventually for each photograph (use search box in sidebar).

1. A hand coloured portrait, head and shoulders, of a young man with beard in semi-profile which is printed verso with the rare Nevin & Smith stamp bearing the Prince of Wales' feathered blazon, taken in 1868 during the visit of the royal yacht Galatea to Hobart, Tasmania.

2. A cdv of the cottage built by Thomas' father John Nevin which overlooked the Derwent River and adjoined the Lady Franklin Museum at Kangaroo Valley (the house or its former site is currently located at or next to the address 270 Lenah Valley Road). The verso bears the handwritten transcription "T.J. Nevin Photo" and dates to ca. 1868 when John Nevin published his poem "My Cottage in the Wilderness" and Thomas J. Nevin submitted this photograph to the Wellington Park Exhibition.

3. A full length cdv of a woman (identified as Elizabeth Allport nee Ritchie) seated at the small table with the griffin-shaped legs which features in many of Nevin's studio portraits. The verso bears the Royal Arms government contractor insignia printed for Nevin's government work from 1868 to 1876. No imprint or stamp was used on his photographs while working full-time in civil service, 1876-1880.

4. A hand coloured full length cdv of a pregnant woman standing next to the same big box stereoscopic viewer and table with the griffin-shaped legs which feature in six extant studio portraits by Nevin of clients, of himself and family members. The verso bears Nevin's most common commercial studio stamp "T. Nevin late A. Bock, City Photographic Establishment 140 Elizabeth Street Hobart Town" etc etc and dates to ca. 1870-1876.

5. A hand coloured carte-de-visite of a seated woman facing the photographer and holding a posy of flowers tinted yellow. The verso bears Nevin's most common commercial studio stamp "T. Nevin late A. Bock" etc and dates to ca. 1870-1876.

6. A carte-de-visite of a baby resting on a pillow which is heavily daubed with bright blue ink on the shoulders of the dress. The same coloured ink was used to print the verso with Nevin's most common commercial studio stamp "T. Nevin late A. Bock" etc and dates to ca. 1870-1876.

7. A full length full frontal cdv of a seated man, Oriental perhaps and dressed in clerical garb. The verso bears the studio name and stamp of "Maselawmoney Brothers, Photographers, Madras" and a handwritten note "Mrs Fitzpatrick 2 copies, 3/- to pay". This highly unusual photograph is included here because the cleric is seated next to same table with the griffin-shaped legs which now appears to be a prominent and consistent motif in Nevin's studio decor for portraiture ca.1871-1875.

All scans courtesy of © The Liam Peters Collection 2010. All right reserved.


On board the "City of Hobart" 31st January 1872