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Site Map No.2: Work as a commercial and police photographer

Thomas James Nevin (1842-1923)
Professional photographer Thomas James Nevin was known by a number of variations of his name, and several of these are now used in books, articles, theses, and public holdings catalogues. His published names, including advertising, newspaper reports, signature on official documents and business name on studio stamps have appeared as the following: 
  • Thomas Nevin
  • Thomas James Nevin
  • Thomas J. Nevin
  • Thomas Nevin senior
  • Thos Nevin
  • T. Nevin
  • T. Nevin late A. Bock
  • T. J. Nevin
  • Nevin & Smith
  • Clifford & Nevin.
Mispellings include Neven, Navin, Navan and McNevis.
Photographer Thomas James Nevin is not to be confused with his son by the same name, Thomas James Nevin (1874-1948) who was not a professional photographer.

Biographers Professor Joan Kerr and G. T. Stilwell (1992)

Curator John McPhee (ABC TV 2009) of T. J. Nevin exhibition QVMAG 1977

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