Saturday, June 16, 2007

Marcel Safier Collection

This Thomas Nevin studio portrait of a woman with umbrella and bag, ca. 1871, gives a clear view of his studio decor at that time - the lozenge-patterned carpet, the low easy chair covered with a shiny material, the table with griffin-shaped legs, and the wall hanging. Thomas Nevin did not include the middle initial "J" in his stamp on the verso of these earlier 1870s cartes; "T.J. Nevin" was printed on  his later studio stamps bearing the Royal Arms government insignia from late 1872 by the government printer James Barnard.

Scans courtesy © The Private Collection of Marcel Safier 2005 ARR.

NOTES Courtesy of owner Marcel Safier:

Subject: (woman with bag and umbrella) not known.
Provenance: "It came in an album I bought from a Tasmanian dealer at a Sydney collector's fair in 2001. The pencil numbering on the rear is my own cataloguing system." 
Size: "The mount is 64mm x 102mm ... It very closely resembles the mounts used by Bock previously."

"Tea and sugar Tommy" Chapman