Monday, August 2, 2010

Lyn Hagan: art from Nevin's 'Tazmanian' convicts

Lyn Hagan is a British artist who used these two photographs by Nevin of prisoners James Harper (on left) and Charles Downes (on right) to create her own images.

... Thomas J Nevin's photographs of Tazmanian convicts.

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Lyn Hagan comes from Newcastle, UK. She graduated from the Chelsea School of Art in 2004 and attended the European Graduate School ...

Her approach:
The emphasis of my work is on experimentation and chance, rather than meaning. It is also on the spectacular, rather than art as a commodity or a communication with other people. I see art also as a communication with self and make the images that I want to see that would not exist if I didn't make them.
Lyn Hagan ...

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